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Customs Regulations

Customs Regulations (INBOUND)
Declare all your valuable equipment, jewellery and gems. If you have nothing to declare, go through the "Green Channel". Baggage should not contain goods for others, goods in commercial quantities, and prohibited or restricted goods. You are required to take back all your personal effects when departing the country. You are entitled to bring in 1.5 liters of spirits, 2 bottles of wine, a small quantity of perfume and travel souvenirs not exceeding US $ in value.

Customs Regulations (OUTBOUND)
You are entitled to take out what you have declared and brought into the country, and whatever you have purchased locally, such as gems, jewellery and Sri Lanka products with the funds brought in. Three kilos of Sri Lanka tea, duty free, foreign currency declared and brought into the country. Unused Sri Lanka currency should be reconverted to foreign currency at departure.

NOT PERMITTED: Gems and jewellery or valuable equipment not declared on arrival or not purchased in Sri Lanka. Gold (crude, bullion or coins) Sri Lanka currency in excess of Rs. 250/-. Firearms, explosives and dangerous weapons. Antiques, statues, treasures, old books, etc., Animals birds or reptiles (dead or alive) and their parts. Tea, rubber and coconut plants. Dangerous drugs.


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