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The legal requirements for Registration of Marriages of Foreign Nationals in Sri Lanka are very straightforward. You are required to produce the following documents to the Divisional/District Registrar of the area where your marriage would take place.

The following original documents are required

  • Birth Certificate(s).

  • Your Passport.

  • An affidavit signed by a solicitor/statutory declaration to confirm who you are and your present status (un-Married).

  • The affidavit (Unmarried Certificate) or Divorced Certificate as appropriate should be certified by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office  (for British nationals) and  legalised by the  Sri Lanka High Commission, London. The fee applicable for certification is .15/- per document.  For other nationals the document should be certified by their respective Foreign Ministries.

  • If divorced, a decree absolute.

  • If widowed, the death certificate of your late spouse and your previous marriage certificate.

  • If you have changed your name, a deed poll (including divorcees who have reverted to their maiden names).

  • If adopted, an adoption certificate.

  • If under 18 years of age, evidence of parental consent in the form of a statutory declaration.

  • Business Visa



Marriage Registration in the Mission

One of the parties to the marriage should be a Sri Lankan Citizen and should give Notice of Marriage to the Embassy. (Forms are available at the Embassy).

The marriage may be registered in the Embassy after a lapse of twelve (12) working days from the date of receipt of the Notice of Marriage and within three (03) months from such date.
Valid passports of both parties should be produced.

Two (02) witnesses with photo identification documents should also be present.

The originals of the following documents are required for the registration of a marriage:
a. Passport
b. Unmarried Certificate
c. Notice of Marriage
d. Proof of Residence

e. Affidavits of Unmarried

Marriage between two Sri Lankan Citizens

Original Birth Certificates with English translation of the Bride & Bridegroom

Both parties should obtain unmarried Certificate attested by the Consular Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Colombo 03

Two witness with their Passports

Marriage between a Sri Lankan citizen and non - Sri Lankan Citizen

Sri Lankan citizen should obtain a unmarried Certificate attested by the Consular Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Colombo 03

The other party to the marriage is required to obtain an unmarried Certificate from the government of his /her country attested by the Sri Lankan mission in that Country

English translation of the Birth Certificates of the Bride & Bridegroom

Two witness with their Passports


All documents must be in English in case of foreign nationals and you must have been in Sri Lanka for at least four working days before the wedding can take place to allow time for completion of all paper work. (the Exact length of time may vary).


Additional Information:

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