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UK - Sri Lanka Relations

Important Notice

The Department of Immigration & Emigration of Sri Lanka has informed that due to a decision taken by the Government of Sri Lanka, acceptance of Dual Citizenship applications and the applications already approved and due for payments are temporarily discontinued until further notice.

Therefore, this High Commission will not accept any applications from the public until further instructions are received from Colombo.

Sri Lanka High Commission


1st February 2011 


Eligibility: Ex-Sri Lankans now holding foreign Citizenship or Sri Lankans qualified for grant of Citizenship of a foreign country, who have contributed to the socio - economic development of Sri Lanka.

Application forms can be obtained

From the Consular Division, of this mission between 9.30 a.m. & 1.00 p.m.
By sending a self addressed, stamped envelope (9' x 6') with a request letter
Download Application form


  1. Applicant's Original Birth Certificate and a copy.

  2. If the applicant is a citizen of Sri Lanka by registration, the relevant certificate and a copy.

  3. If applicant is married, The Marriage Certificate and a copy.

  4. Applicant's Foreign Citizenship Certificate/ Foreign Travel Document/ Permanent Residence Visa.

  5. Applicant's current and / or previous Sri Lankan Passports and copies or an affidavit.

  6. If applying under professional category, applicant's Educational/Professional Certificate and a copy (minimum a two year Diploma / Trade Certificate from a recognized institute)

  7. If applying under wealth category, original of the documentary proof of applicant's assets such as; lands or other immovable properties in Sri Lanka worth of Rs. 2.5 Million or above and a copy. Deed Valuation report extract and Title report for the same should be also submitted.

  8. If applying under 2.5 million category original of the documentary proof minimum one year Fixed Deposit in a bank in Sri Lanka of an amount not less than 2.5 million.

  9. If applying under age category, applicants over 55 years of age original birth certificate and a copy should be submitted.

  10. If applying under fixed deposit US$ 25,000/- category, original of a fixed deposit certificate and a copy exceeding US$ 25,000 for a period of three years in a bank in Sri Lanka.

  11. If applying under fixed deposit US$ 50,000/- category, original of a fixed deposit certificate and a copy exceeding US$ 50,000 for a period of three years in a bank in Sri Lanka.

  12. If the documents referred to above are submitted without originals, they should be attested by the Sri Lankan Mission accredited to that county, or the nearest Sri Lankan Mission or Solicitor or a Justice of the Peace of the country in domicile.

 * [For more information - Fees]

Each applicant should forward an application to one of the addresses below with the required documents, by personally calling over/ Registered Post.

  • Sri Lanka Mission in the country of residence.

  • Citizenship Division
    Ministry of Internal Administration
    Department of Immigration and Emigration
    2nd Floor, #41 Ananda Rajakaruna Mw,
    Colombo 10,
    Sri Lanka.


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